An Exploration of Greatness

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Classes went really well for the week and I really like all of them. Didn’t get much homework and so I had a lot of free time that I spent well. Life in Scotland isn’t too different from America. I mean besides the fact that Mountain Dew doesn’t really seem to exist here and that a lot of food is a different brand or they don’t have something all together. It isn’t too bad, though, I feel frustrated at times when I am really craving something but they don’t have it. Except that, I am adjusting really well and feel that I can get used to my 3 months here. I know I will be quite upset already when I leave. I love everything about Scotland so far and have barely touched the surface.

This past Friday I went to Arthur’s Seat. A Giant hill/mountain thing that you can hike up. It is right next to Edinburgh. I was so excited to see the scenery and finally get out to do some hiking. It was Incredible! I had a lot of fun. I did realize though how out of shape I am, but in my defense, there were some really really steep parts. I went by myself, not that I didn’t have a group to go with, but it felt more self discovery that way. No talking to anyone, just taking in the full beauty and thinking to myself really helped De-stress myself from all of this change. Once I finally reached the top I loved it. I felt such a sense of accomplishment and relief that I finally made it. It was pretty cold and windy though. I met up with the rest of my group because we all made it up at the same time. (There are many many paths to get to the top).

I soon left with a friend and headed down to the “tourist area” of Edinburgh and tried to go shopping. I actually did find a nice sweatshirt for 10 pounds on Thursday at this awesome store called Primark. I was on the lookout for a coin pouch (you get a lot of one pound coins since they don’t make notes for that much) and a celtic bracelet. I found a bought the latter but it is pretty cheap and broke once on me.

I got to meet my host mom this Saturday. She is adorable. She has 3 grandchildren I believe and she is taking me on a drive next Friday and then eating dinner at her house. I think it will be a great experience to really ask questions about Scottish culture as well and to get to know a real local. I am really excited for this opportunity.


One thought on “An Exploration of Greatness

  1. Auntie Ann says:

    Beautiful pictures Andy! So glad to hear about your wonderful experiences…..enjoy every minute of it!

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