A Day in Glasgow

This last Friday, I had to chance to go to Glasgow with my housemates. I had a mix of apprehension and excitement. It was a chance to see the other great city of Scotland, yet would it compare to Edinburgh? The short answer is no, but I’ll get to that later.

The bus ride was fun as I am perfectly content on car trips. As I am accustomed to 3 hours or more on car rides, it was quite a shock that we made it to Glasgow in little under an hour. The first place we went to was the Celtic Stadium. It was Amazing. It was the first sports center that I have been to of this scale before. I was completely overwhelmed at how massive the stadium was. We even had the chance to sit in the seats that the players would sit in at a game. I kind of wish that I would have gone to the Celtic Match today, but it was a weekend for homework, or… rather that was the plan anyway.

So, coming into the city was a great big disappointment because it just did not have the flair and skyline of Edinburgh. It actually looked rather bland and ugly to be honest. It did grow on me a bit throughout the day but only by a little. Downtown was the only good part of it, scenic-wise.

After the stadium, we went to the The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel. It was a wee bit small, but it had an incredible array of different types of trains as well as sail boats. After looking at almost all the stuff we had, I was dying for some coffee. Luckily, they had a cafe inside the museum and I partook in a Cappuccino. Unfortunately, the first sip resulted in the burning of my tongue and so I had to wait at one of the tables in the museum for the pain to subside. As you can imagine, eating or drinking anything thereafter was quite the opposite of enjoyable.

Next, we headed over to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum which I must admit was Extraordinary! Not only was everything in there was fantastic, the whole of the building was a complete work of art. I have never experienced a museum like it. We went all over the museum. It wasn’t particularly large but there was a lot of variety in the exhibits. My favorite had to be a period they had this room and inside a glass box there was a multitude of warriors made of twisted metal. It was a great find for sure.

We did have free time to roam the city for a while, about two hours. It wasn’t a whole lot of time but it did make up a little from the first impression I had of the city. Downtown, they have a huge square and then a politcal building that goes up to the square. The building had that old feel of Edinburgh. The thing about Edinburgh  compared to Glasgow is that while Glasgow has neat old buildings they are sparse within in the city and the other building are just really ugly. In Edinburgh, however, the old buildings are everywhere and where they are not, those buildings look new and modern.

Next to the square, was a shopping center that kind of reminded me of the Louvre. By that I mean it had glass windows and walls and it was pyramidal shaped… The St. Enoch Centre. Went with some friends there and it wasn’t bad. Kind of done with malls, unless of course I actually plan on shopping there. I did buy a sweater though for not too bad a price.

Overall, it was a fun day. Not my favorite city, Edinburgh is where my heart lies, but it was quite enjoyable. Until next time!

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